About Us

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Datahouse Inc. is a direct marketing list provider and data processing services firm. Founded in 2003 we are one the fastest growing service providers for the prospect list and data services industry. Our products and services are available wholesale to qualified direct marketing Agencies, List Brokers and companies.

Through the use of a patented genetic algorithm modeling system that analyzes hundreds of data variables we are able to deliver highly targeted prospect lists that go well beyond the traditional "select-criteria" lists typically offered. In fact, we are able to model highly targeted prospect lists that can outperform regression-based models by as much as 10% or more.

For firms who demand the most from their direct marketing campaigns, there is no better way to reach new prospects who will be the most receptive to their offerings. Our highly targeted prospects are customized to each client or campaign and the modeling is done for free with your minimum record purchase.

Datahouse provides the direct marketing community with the highest quality in predictive modeling and data services available, assuring that each marketing campaign finds its target.


“Being an old-timer in the business, I know predictive modeling works and I shouldn’t be surprised at the difference that it makes, but it’s hard to believe you can deliver your product at such an affordable price. We have been test marketing your lists against our other list sources for our various clients and the response gains are always measurably higher. Thank you for your great service” – James Novak
“We have never advocated predictive modeling to our clients given their size and budgets, but your service made it affordable. The results from your analysis were truly informative and they were instrumental in allowing us to hone our messages to our target audiences. Thanks for offering such a valuable tool at a down to earth cost.”— Sarah Yakabouski 
“As a list broker, you made my job a lot easier. I still use specialty lists for some of my older clients, but your predictive modeling service has opened doors for new and existing clients who want a better handle on who their clients are and how to deliver their messages more effectively. I can tell you without hesitation that my clients are very happy with your analysis and your lists. I would prefer that you keep your service on the “hush” as you have given me quite the competitive advantage. Thanks again!” — Jess Miland