Case Studies

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Extracting intelligence from customer data has become a critical challenge to firms who are striving to stay ahead of the competition. While statistical modeling expertise and experience have always been the mainstays in providing superior outcomes, only recently has computing power become inexpensive enough to make machine-learning technologies such as genetic algorithms an economically viable approach to optimizing results. Today, we are analyzing far more variables than traditional regression analysis techniques, while generating more precise models in much less time.

Producing highly targeted prospect lists from one's best customers is no longer limited to large-scale marketing campaigns and budgets. Moreover, our predictive modeling service allows companies to discover new and untapped consumers to purchase their products and services.

Here are a few case studies that reveal new solutions to common challenges:

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Battling List Fatigue
In the non-profit world, soliciting for charitable donations is extremely competitive, which makes it difficult to identify new donors... More

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Trade Area Considerations
When consumers are making a major purchase, they consider various factors before buying. Some shop for the best price, some look for the highest quality... More

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Avoid the "One size fits all" Approach
A major residential cleaning service franchise had been engaging in a direct mail campaign to capitalize on this trend using too-broad targeting selects and simple geography... More

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Discover What Your Prospects Look Like
As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, businesses are looking for ways to serve the growing senior population... More