Data Quality

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Datahouse Inc. Supplies Results - Not Just Names

  • 120 million households
  • 210 million individuals
  • Continuously updated
  • Over 500 data variables for more precise modeling

Our prospect names are developed specifically for you.
Prospect names alone, without knowing their propensity to purchase your product or service, is about as useful as randomly picking names from the white pages of your telephone book. We deliver prospects modeled from your most important asset - your customers.

Multi-sourced, continuously updated data.
We provide one of the most comprehensive, multi-sourced data sources available today, delivering the largest collection of U.S. household information. One critical factor in creating an accurate predictive model is having the highest data quality available for analysis. Our data, including the multitude of vital variables used for analysis, are continuously updated and verified for accuracy and efficacy.

Abbreviated List Of Variables:

Age ranges
Number of adults
Marital status
Estimated income
Length of residence
Home purchase date
Property type
Assessed value
Home value
Loan details
Purchase Behavior
Credit card type
Presence of bank card
Mail order buyer
Mail order donor
Ethnicity Indices
African American
Lifestyle Indicators
Antiques collector
Automotive work
Cable TV viewing
Casino gambling
Cultural/arts events
Dieting/weight control
Donates to charities
Real estate investment
Recreational vehicles
Stocks and bonds
Travel in USA
And many more...

We use "real" income indicators for analysis.
One of the most critical qualifying factors for many businesses is a prospect's income. Unfortunately, income alone doesn't tell the whole story. What is considered affluent in one part of the country may be considered average income in another. Our proprietary modeling system combines hundreds of regional and local models that accurately reflect local market conditions, cost of living, tax basis, and other factors for the specific geographic location. This results in affluence measurements that are more accurate than modeled scores from many other providers. Moreover, our analysis takes disposable income into consideration when building models, not merely income alone.

Every list purchase includes a custom response model at no additional charge.
By matching your best customers to our 209 million record database, we are able to append up to 750 variables to your customers, profiling who they are and determining which traits (variables) are influential indicators, unique to customers who purchase your products or services. We can then build a model and predict with a great degree of confidence which prospects will be most receptive to your offer. Every list purchase includes a custom response model at no additional charge, subject to a minimum record purchase. These targeted lists typically deliver 7.5-15% more net responses than standard complied lists.