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As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, businesses are looking for ways to serve the growing senior population...

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Unlock the secrets of your customers and target their needs.

Although the best customers are the ones you currently have, it is now possible to determine what makes them unique and loyal to you. With a sample of your customers, we can analyze over 750 demographic, behavioral and lifestyle variables to reveal powerful and insightful information that will give you a competitive edge and allow you to tailor your message in a more targeted way. We can then pull from the universe of prospects whose interests and buying habits most closely resemble your customers.

Cloning your best customers through predictive modeling is a powerful tool that has been used by major corporations for years. Now we provide this insightful analysis and reporting to you free of charge with your list purchase.


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Key Benefits

  • Higher response rates, lower cost.
  • Eliminates the guesswork out of your direct mail list selections.
  • No charge for modeling with minimum purchase.
  • Advertising dollars are prudently spent on those who are most receptive to your offers.
  • Unsurpassed accuracy by modeling up to 750 demographic, behavioral and lifestyle variables.
  • Graphical reporting illustrates who your customers are, their motivating traits and counts of qualified prospects.
  • Brings the power of advanced scoring models to every
    new direct marketing campaign.
  • Modeled to your geographical criteria and business