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"In the non-profit world, soliciting for charitable donations is extremely competitive, which makes it difficult to identify new donors..."

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Who are your customers & what makes them tick?

Datahouse delivers highly targeted prospect lists tailored to your specific business. We do this by doing an extensive predictive modeling analysis to determine who your customers are, while discovering which motivational factors influence them to purchase your products and services.

We believe this upfront analysis is so essential in delivering highly targeted prospect lists that we provide predictive modeling for every new campaign at no additional cost.


Key Benefits

  • Higher response rates, lower cost.
  • Eliminates the guesswork out of list selections.
  • No charge for modeling with minimum purchase.
  • Advertising dollars are prudently spent on those who are most receptive to your offers.
  • Unsurpassed accuracy by modeling up to 500 demographic, behavioral and lifestyle variables.
  • Graphical reporting illustrates who your customers are, their motivating traits and counts of qualified prospects.
  • Brings the power of advanced scoring models to every
    new marketing campaign.
  • Modeled to your geographical criteria and business